The Challenge

On behalf of the Orchard Community, we would like to invite the fellow Orchard developers for a competition, in preparation to the next Orchard Harvest conference. To shake up the community a bit and give you something to be excited about (if Harvest is not enough), you can show us your development skills in form of a friendly competition between us, Orcharders!

The main goal of the competition is to have as many modules to be compatible with Orchard's most recent version (1.8) as possible: this means that you can step in with your own, older module that needs some love to work well with 1.8, or you can write a completely new one, it's up to you.

Out of 6 excellent project submissions, the top 3 places were announced at Harvest 2014 in Seattle:

  1. MiniProfiler by Daniel Dabrowski
  2. Inline Editing by Matías Molleja
  3. Dynamic Forms by Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.

The projects were evaluated by the core members of the Orchard Community: